Incorporating essential oils into your routine can welcome a variety of benefits, from better sleep to clearer skin. Last week, we covered the basics of essential oils: now, we want to share our favourite oils and why we always make sure to keep them on hand.

Lavender: This is basically the OG essential oil, sparking French chemist René-Maurice Gattefossé’s interest in them when it healed a burn on his hands. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, putting a few drops of lavender oil on injured skin will be incredibly soothing, while a few dabs anywhere on your body can produce a calming effect. For a good night’s sleep, put some on your pillow — it doesn’t hurt that it will make your bed smell amazing.

Oregano: Thanks to its anti-microbial properties, oregano oil is a powerhouse. It can kill fungus, bacteria, and help you kick a cold without needing any meds from the chemist. However, because it’s so strong, you’ll want to use it in moderation. A few drops on an infected area can help clear up things like athlete’s foot or other external fungi; if you’re ingesting it, only taking one drop with water and make sure not to continue use for more than a week at a time.

Peppermint: There are few things quite as refreshing as mint, and peppermint oil is no exception. Able to do everything from support digestion to boosting energy and sharpening your focus, it’s also a more natural solution to bad breath than other mouthwash. Apply it topically to help ease sore muscles or add one drop to warm water to assuage any illness or digestive symptoms.

Grapefruit: Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally victimised by cellulite. Grapefruit oil wants you to put that hand down. Not only does it support your metabolism, but it also helps reduce cellulite. Combine it with coconut oil and rub it on any impacted areas, or add a few drops to a glass of water and drink it.

Rose: Attention, beauty gurus. Rose oil is the secret you’ve been waiting for — from reducing skin inflammation to creating glowing skin, it’s the perfect addition to your arsenal and a few drops can just be combined with the moisturizer you already use. The only downside? Beauty doesn’t come cheap — it usually runs at about $1000 for 15 ml.

Eucalyptus: Just smelling eucalyptus can be invigorating, and using the oil can be a great way to refresh and purify your body. It’s also a natural treatment for respiratory problems, while combating exhaustion or mental fatigue. Given its anti-microbial properties and stimulating scent, many people use it as an air freshener.

You can also mix and match different oils to enhance their properties, or combine with a base oil (we’re big fans of coconut oil) to put in body products like massage oil or lotions.

Using essential oils are a great supplement to a healthy diet and lifestyle. At Soulara, our plant-powered meals are equally nutritious and delicious to keep you feeling sexy, strong, healthy, and happy.